La Palma

La Palma
La palma"The Beautiful Island" a paradise for visitants

Also called “The Green Island” or “The Beautiful Island”, La Palma, the island with uniques landscapes and a wonderful sky

La Palma, known also as “The Beautiful Island” is one of the islands of the Canary Islands with more forest area and the third largest island of the higher world in relation to its surface. Divided into two distinct climatic zones through a chain of volcanoes called Cumbre Vieja, presents the southern area with volcanoes still active and the northern zone where we find the Natural Park called Caldera de Taburiente, the largest crater emerged from the world.

La Palma offers a spectacular scenery and the tourist feels the attraction of being lost by their fantastic corners, enjoy its lush vegetation and its intense light. These are all reasons that have made La Palma a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco.
La Palma‘s beaches, almost deserted, offer to the traveller the pleasure of enjoying the relaxation in clean waters and great cliffs.
Of the palmeros, the inhabitants of the island, it is said that never are in a hurry, that they are the ones that control the time and enjoy life.
In La Palma there is also one of the most beautiful skies because of being near the equator and away from tropical storms. Tourists may enjoy sunny skies during almost all year round, a privilege for the view. Here is one of the complex of telescopes more complete of the world, the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory.