Gastronomy of Canary Islands

Gastronomy of Canary Islands
Gastronomy in Canary IslandsEnjoy a savory and simple meal in Canary Islands, the wrinkled potatoes with mojo picon

The gastronomy of the Canary Islands is one of the most cosmopolitan by the influence of different cultures.

The gastronomy of the Canary Islands is delicious and fantastic. Its great variety and simplicity make of canarian cuisine one of the claims of the islands have one of the most cosmopolitan gastronomy by the influence of different cultures.
There are many dishes that star has the canary islands cuisine emphasizing:
  • Wrinkled potatoes with mojo picon. Are simple and have a unique flavor. Also accompany many dishes. Boiled with salt van spicy sauce with a “mojo picón“, which can be red or green. 
  • Gofio. It is a type of toasted flour corn rivaled that accompanies many dishes. A typical recipe are balls of “gofio”, that can be sweet or salty to the taste. 
  • Carajaca. It is a dish made with pig’s liver, lamb or veal accompanied with a sauce. 
  • Cheese. The cheese called Palmero, fron La Palma, the one called Majorero, from Fuerteventura and with denomination of origin, Flower cheese from Gran Canaria
  • Leg roast. Indispensable in canary gastronomy, is pork leg roast, cut into thin slices.
First dishes of the Canary Islands Gastronomy:
  • Watercress soup. The most famous of the dishes in the Canary Islands. 
  • Rancho canario. Dish of chickpeas, meat, vegetables and potatoes. 
  • Potato Soup. Clear soup with potatoes and coriander; simple and humble.
  • Puchero canario. Cooked with meat, vegetables and chickpeas. 
  • Goat meat. Also called baifo, is a highly valued meat in festivals and celebrations. 
  • Rabbit in salmorejo. Rabbit fried with garlic and seasoned with spices.
Fish and seefood in Canary Islands:
  • Limpets. Frites and with a sauce. 
  • Sancocho Canario. It is a typical fish of the islands very salty accompanied by potatoes and mojo. 
  • Ragout of fish. Called differently depending on the island.
Desserts in Canary Islands:
  • Frangollo. Prepared with milk, millet flour, eggs, sugar, lemon, butter, raisins, almonds, cinnamon.
  • Canarian Bienmesabe. With honey, syrup, almond, cinnamon and lemon. 
  • Canarian Banana. Submitted in all forms, the banana of the Canary Islands, with the denomination of origin and recognized worldwide has become a symbol of the Islands.
Wines and spirits in Canary Islands:
The wines, specials because of the volcanic soil of the Canary Islands, are excellent wines, today have lost the great reputation they had. The white wines of Malvasia in Lanzarote with a sweet taste, the reds of Taraconte in Tenerife and the wines of El Hierro and La Palma.
The delicious Ron Miel, a type of rum, with a canary geographical designation. The banana liquor is also fashionable at the moment.