Nature in Canary IslandsThe Canary Islands is a biosphere reserve of great wealth in its nature

The nature of the Canary Islands offers unique landscapes due to its volcanic origin

Nature is the main source of beauty of the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands are an atlantic archipelago of volcanic origin located in a privileged place of the world forming part of the natural region in the Macaronesia. They enjoy a subtropical climate that varies as a function of altitude and the orientation of their slopes north or south.
This climatic variability of the Canary Islands, together with its rough terrain has led to the development and maintenance of a nature with very different ecosystems with a great biological diversity. While traveling to the Canary Islands people can find from arid deserts to humid forests and high mountain areas, which by its uniqueness inhabit large quantity of plants and animals, many of them unique to these islands. Therefore the nature of the Canary Islands are one of the island areas with a greater concentration of endemic species all over the world.
This, together with the wealth of landscapes and geological makes in the whole of the nature of the Canary Islands have been declared different figures of protection as four national parks in the Canary Islands, 145 nature reserves and UNESCO biosphere reserves.
The natural reserves declared in the islands cover 40% of the entire surface area. Also notable for its four National Parks in the Canary Islands:
UNESCO has recognized the Garajonay National Park on the island of La Gomera as a World Heritage Site and as biosphere reserves the islands of Lanzarote, El Hierro and La Palma.